The Parent Social Committee (PSC) are a small but very friendly bunch of parents who run events to raise funds for school equipment and for the children to have fun.  They run an annual summer and Christmas Fete for the children as well as a couple of hot dog/donut days and a Mother’s Day Sale.  They also organise a Christmas Shopping Evening bi annually and have often held Quiz and Race evenings.

The Committee meet once or twice a term and are always looking for new recruits.  The best way to join the team is to contact the school office who will pass on your details to our secretary.  Alternatively you can contact the Committee by e-mail to the following address  Being a member of the team is very rewarding as you get to see the children having fun and get involved with some of their most memorable school days!

St Johns is unique as it’s the only school, the PSC know of, where the activities occur in school time and therefore is a fantastic way of us seeing all the children and helping raise funds for the school without too much disruption to our home lives despite the disruption we make at school!!

In the last few years we have given the school the following equipment/donations:

  • Trampoline £5,000
  • Benches £2,000
  • Maths department problem solving £424
  • Easter egg gifts
  • Christmas selection boxes
  • Gym Equipment – £2,743
  • Donation to tennis court resurfaced £5,000
  • Microphones donation £2,000
  • Speakers £220
  • Staging £1,318
  • Table Tennis tables £1,300
  • Football Tables £1,265