At the end of Upper Kindergarten (Year 2), the children progress from our Kindergarten into our Junior School which is based in the Green Building.  At St John’s, we know that children excel academically when they are happy so our staff liaise with the teachers in Kindergarten in order to ensure a smooth transition for the children.

We continue to offer small class sizes and differentiated lessons.  Additionally, sets in English and Mathematics, ensure a tailored learning experience in which all pupils are appropriately challenged and progress.

We pride ourselves on teaching lessons which aim to enable all pupils in our care to achieve their full academic potential.  The curriculum in the Juniors is enriched by an increasing number of specialist teachers, enabling them to take advantage of the wealth of expertise in both the Junior and Senior schools. Indeed, the children in the Juniors Form 1 (Years 3) to Lower 3 (Year 6) benefit from specialist teachers in subjects including Music, PE, Computing, French, Art and Spanish in Lower 3/ Yr6.

In Form 1 (Year 3) we focus on settling the children into the Junior School.  They are encouraged to be increasingly independent and particularly enjoy having their own lockers for organising their belongings!  Form 1/ Yr 3 and Lower 2/ Yr 4 pupils have access to a wider variety of extra-curricular clubs and enjoy an array of school trips to places such as The British Museum and Colchester Castle.

In Upper 2 (Year 5), the pupils move to the middle corridor.  For pupils who are sitting the 11 plus exam, this year is of great importance.  However, all pupils benefit from continued academic challenge.  The children also enjoy enriching visits to the Sea Life Centre and to Sandford Mill to supplement the Science curriculum.  The year culminates with a two night residential visit to Danbury Outdoors Centre.  This provides the perfect opportunity for the pupils to be truly independent, whilst also having lots of fun!

Lower 3 (Year 6) is all about preparation and transition to Senior School.  By now, our pupils have an increasing amount of specialist teachers and benefit from greater links with the Senior School.  They are role models for the younger juniors and support their peers though their role such as reading buddies to the children in Reception.

Having our own Senior School on the same site means that we can share in their expertise.  We can therefore prepare the children fully for their transition into the Seniors ensuring that they are working to their maximum potential throughout the academic year.  At the very end of the summer term, the children take part in a residential visit.  This is always great fun and prepares the children for further overnight trips in our Senior School.