Attendance rates in schools continue to be a national, governmental concern, and we therefore monitor our attendance figures regularly. Good attendance in school has a direct correlation with good achievement. Our Pastoral team is working hard to ensure that all pupils are in school, every day, accessing their curriculum with their teachers to ensure the best outcomes.  Please support your child by ensuring that they come to school every day, to ensure consistency in their teaching.

Examples of when a child may need to isolate and not attend school:

NHS – Is my child too ill for school?

Holidays during term time

St John’s holiday periods are generous and are more than those allocated to pupils who attend state schools. We ask that holidays are taken during school holidays periods.

Where travel during term time is essential, we ask that you complete and return an Absence Request Form. Please be aware that holiday requests for pupils in the senior school are unlikely to be authorised. KG and Junior pupils are likely to be marked as unauthorised if the total absence, excluding illness/medical appointments, exceeds 10 days.
A leave of absence form should be completed for all absences except for illness or medical appointments. These forms must be completed prior to the absence.  If possible, please, try to make medical appointments out of school time.

Administration of Medicine

On some occasions, pupils have asked to go home from school if they have a headache or if they have a stomachache.  Although we cannot provide pain relief medication in school, you may wish to provide us with some medication and a Parental Form to request school staff to administer medicines so that we can administer this at school.  In many cases, this will enable your child to remain in school and will help to maintain their attendance record.  Please complete the administration of medicine permission form along with medicine such as paracetamol, provided by you, so that this can be administered to your child in the event of headache or stomach cramps etc.

Further information in the event of a pupil being absent

If your child is unwell and won’t be attending school, we ask that you contact the school office before the start of the school day.  We have an absence line available for this which prompts you to leave your child’s name, form and reason for absence. Alternatively, please email us at