We have a lot of experience in supporting children in preparing for the 11+ examination at St John’s and offer children support throughout their journey towards the exam.

We offer specific 11+ lessons during school time, which focus on English, Mathematics and Reasoning. The children will complete practice papers at home as extra homework and will go through those papers during the lesson times and discuss exam techniques as well as content.

We also offer an 11+ club which goes through extra short writing practise and looks at extending children’s mathematics knowledge for some of the more difficult concepts that may arise, such as algebra and probability.

As teachers, we maintain a regular dialogue with parents regarding their children’s capabilities and our own expectations of their success. We understand that all children are different and therefore we do not insist that all children sit the exam or have 11+ lessons. At St John’s all children will still be challenged within our curriculum but outside of the extra 11+ preparations.

Some of our families decide that their child will take part in our 11+ process for the benefit of experiencing a formal examination and in order to practise for our Senior School entrance exam, however this is under a mutual understanding that their child is unlikely to pass the 11+ itself. Of those who have a high expectation of passing the exam, we have achieved excellent results.