St John’s School acknowledges that Senior years can be a challenging time for children between the ages of eleven to sixteen.  School curriculum in Personal, Social, Health and Emotion (PSHE), Drama and Religious Education often discuss and engage our pupils with topics relevant to their ages.

Much work is covered about the engagement/ use of social media and internet safety with guidance given to help pupils navigate their way through the situation’s teenagers face today.

Mrs Zoller is Head of Pastoral Care for pupils in Lower 3 (Year 7) to Upper 4 (Year 9) and Miss Hobbs is Head of Pastoral Care for pupils in Lower and Upper 5 (Years 10 and 11).  Both are active teachers in Drama and Maths and because of this they know all of our Senior pupils.

At St John’s we have an Open Door Policy to encourage open communication, feedback and discussion.  If you have any worries or concerns about your child’s education, then we believe that it is far better that you come into school and discuss them allowing any issues to be resolved and explained.

Girls on Board

St John’s has signed up to the Girls on Board campaign.  It is an approach to help girls, their parents and their teachers to understand the complexities and dynamics of girl friendships.  The language, methods and ideas empower girls to solve their own friendship problems and recognises that they are usually the only ones who can.  By empowering girls to find their own solutions, parents need worry less, schools can focus more on curriculum and girls learn more effectively – because they are happier.

Online Safety

We all know how important the Internet is to children: they use it to learn, play and socialise. It offers amazing opportunities for children to discover new things but it can also be the place where children could face bullying, contact from strangers or see inappropriate content.  St John’s delivers a strong online safety programme to its pupils throughout the academic year and provides many tools and pieces of advice to parents on how to make it safe for their children whilst they are online.  Visit our Online Safety Section.