Following their transition from Lower 3 (Year 6) into Upper 3 (Year 7), we aim to offer a broad curriculum to our pupils by exposing them to a wide variety and range of subjects taught by subject specialists.

With the framework, we also offer a series of curriculum enrichment days where we aim to complement the work of all subjects and develop the important skills of teamwork, reflection and critical thinking.

By exposing our pupils to the full range of subjects within the curriculum, they can find their particular talents and further select subjects that reflect their interests, strengths and weaknesses as they move out of Key Stage 3 and into their GCSE studies at Key Stage 4.

Pupils at St John’s are challenged to do the very best they can and are exposed to a variety of experiences both in school and out. We strive to provide the very best for our pupils and aim to provide plentiful learning opportunities to bring each and every subject to life

The pupils have a weekly timetable, with five lessons each day. This ensures that they enjoy an evenly paced and productive schedule.

Each day starts with a tutor group period, where the pupils catch up on all of the latest notices and key information that they will need for the day ahead of them. These periods also include our weekly whole school assembly.  Form periods also provide the opportunity for our pupils to spend time with their tutors, who are on hand to offer support or guidance, whether academic or pastoral. Lessons then start at 9:15am with a morning break at 11:15am and lunch at 1:30pm. The Senior pupils enjoy a different menu to the Kindergarten and Juniors.  The choices are specially tailored to suit the tastes of our older pupils and the menu has been formulated after consultation with our school council.  The pupils finish school at 3:45pm after meeting with their form tutors once again for afternoon registration.

The number of pupils at St John’s ensures small class sizes and more one-to-one time with the teachers. Every pupil is known, not only by their form and subject teachers, but by all staff: the learning support teachers, our lunch staff and the office staff.

Our teachers are caring and dedicated, ensuring that pupils are challenged through extension tasks or through support when necessary.

Teachers provide extra support to students, particularly those undergoing public examinations, through extension classes and revision classes which are tailored to individual pupil needs

In the first three years in the Senior School (Upper 3 to Upper 4), pupils are introduced to their secondary subjects and are taught a broad range of subjects including: Maths, English, Science, Computing, French, Spanish, History, Geography, RE, Art, Drama, PE, Food and Nutrition and PSHE. This provides a solid foundation on which to build their knowledge in each subject as they progress to their GCSEs in Lower 5 (Year 10).  Business Studies and Sociology are additional GCSE choices on entry to Lower 5.

In Upper 4 (Year 9) pupils and parents are invited in for a GCSE Options Meeting to hear about the various subjects on offer and the course content. Pupils submit their preferred choices and our Senior Curriculum Leader tailors the GCSE choices, where possible, according to demand.

On entry to Upper 5 (Year 11) we work closely with our independent careers adviser who comes in to guide and help our pupils through discussions about their aspirations and what onward path they would like to follow. Teaching staff then work closely with each pupil to help support their applications to Further Education Establishments with a high success rate of pupils enjoying their first choice destination.

Please view our senior curriculum subject pages for further details.