Extra Curricular and Homework Club Sign Up

St John’s offers a number of extra curricular activities for pupils, for which there is a termly additional cost to tuition fees.  The sign up form can be found in this section.  In addition, St John’s operates a host of clubs that are included within fees and details of these and how to sign up will be issued at the beginning of the Michaelmas Term, September 2021.

Homework club will continue Monday to Thursday to 5pm and Friday to 4.30pm.  To add your child or remove them from the register please e-mail Miss Raynard on b.raynard@stjohnsschool.net advising what time you will be collecting your child.  Please note, spaces will be offered on a first come, first served basis.  If any day is over- subscribed we will operate a waiting list.

If you need to collect your child earlier than the finish time of the club or if for any reason your child will be absent, please email the relevant teacher directly so they are aware of any changes.

Normally, at the end of each term a club enrollment form is sent out via e-mail to parents and we give a date to return it by.  If your child joins the school mid term or your child decides mid term that they would like to sign up to a club please complete and return the Extra Curricular Enrolment Form or e-mail Miss Raynard for Homework Club.

Kindergarten Wrap Around Sign Up

It is planned that After School Club will be open to all of Kindergarten children for Michaelmas Term 2021.  Parents have the option to collect at 4.30pm, 5pm or 6pm.  The cost of After School Club (Wraparound) is surplus to tuition fees.  To book your child into After School Club parents must complete and return the Wraparound Booking Form.

We ask that all bookings are made by the close of school the day before your child will be attending Wraparound so we can maintain the correct adult to pupil ratios and ensure sufficient food is ordered for children requiring tea.  If you need to put your child into After School Club at the last minute, we will of course be happy to accept them into the Club as long as that does not take us over the required ratio.  In this instance they will be taken to the office until they are able to be collected.

Once your child has been booked into Kindergarten Wraparound, they are taking up a place and fees will be charged, even if you no longer need the service and collect your child early.  Similarly if you book your child in until 6.00pm but choose to pick them up at 4.30pm, you will be charged the full fee.  We understand that parents may get held up on occasions.  If this is the case, please keep the Wraparound staff informed so that they know when to expect you and be aware that if this takes care into the next payment zone, this is the fee that will be charged.  Please note that late collection after this time will incur a £30 charge for minutes up to the first 15 minutes and the same for each subsequent 15 minutes.

Instrumental Lessons

During lockdowns in 2020/ 2021 the majority of our intstrumental lessons were conducted remotely, via Zoom.  Since the Trinity Term 2021 our instrumental teachers have recommenced lessons back in school.

If you have signed your child up for music lessons, details will be communicated at the beginning of the Michaelmas Term (September 2021) to advise each pupil of their lesson time.  If your child is interested in signing up to a music lesson please read our Conditions of Application/ Cancellation of Music Lessons document.

Mrs K Lane, nee Ibbotson
Head of Music

Severe Weather

In the event of severe weather information regarding the school opening an alert will appear on the website.