Auditions will be after school on Wednesday 28th February in the large music room. You must prepare the title song from the show, “Bugsy Malone” and read the script. The original song with words and vocals has been given to help you but the version with just the backing will be the version you’ll audition with. Please learn up to the first 52 seconds until the music changes.

BUGSY MALONE first song w/ lyrics on screen ( – With the words and vocals

Paul Williams – Bugsy Malone – Karaoke Version from Zoom Karaoke (

Song Audition:

[Verse 1]
He’s a sinner, candy-coated
For all his friends
He always seems to be alone
But they love him
Bugsy Malone

[Verse 2]
A city slicker, he can charm you
With a smile and a style all his own
Everybody loves that man
Bugsy Malone

Script Audition: (Please learn from heart if possible)

Dandy Dan:
“Ok gang. This is the caper that’s gonna take the lid of city hall. This is the big one.
The shakedown. This is the pay-off. It’s got to be good. Got to be neat.
Got to be quick. You shouldn’t have any trouble. Just Sam and a few
girls. Remember when you get inside that speakeasy it’ll be history you’ll be writing.
Now for Fat Sam’s Grand Slam.”