During the COVID-19 pandemic, St John’s has adapted our delivery of the curriculum in order to ensure that our pupils continue to learn remotely.

The Kindergarten and Junior pupils access their lessons via Zoom.  Each day, they receive work which is emailed home.  This is supplemented with Zoom sessions delivered by the class teacher and daily PE sessions to keep them active.  Feedback is an essential part of learning and this continues throughout lockdown.

Meanwhile, our Senior School pupils follow their usual timetable using Microsoft Teams.  Microsoft Teams provides the opportunity for learning to continue remotely with the ability for pupils to submit assignments electronically as well as receiving live teaching.  During our first lockdown, pupils were even able to compete in a national Maths competitions despite the circumstances.  Meanwhile, practical STEM education continues for Upper 4.  We strive to offer our pupils a variety of experiences even during lockdown.

This approach ensures that our pupils are able to continue to learn at home whilst also interacting  on a daily basis with their teachers.  We are pleased that not only does academic learning continue, but also our emphasis on pastoral support continues during such challenging times.

We continue to review our approach to remote schooling in order to ensure that we provide the very best for our pupils.