As we enter another period of lockdown and school site closure, we are well aware of the impact extended periods of isolation can have on young people.  Please remember that our pastoral team are still here to support your son / daughter and do not hesitate to contact us if you or your child would like to speak to someone.

In the first instance you should contact your child’s class teacher / form tutor.  In the senior school you can also contact Miss Raynard, Head of Pastoral Support Upper 3 (Year 7), Mrs Lawrence, Head of Pastoral Care Lower 4 (Year 8) and Upper 4 (Year 9) or Ms Hobbs, Head of Pastoral Support Lower 5 (Year 10) and Upper 5 (Year 11).  Parents or pupils with concerns about their wellbeing in any year can contact Mrs Morgan, our Designated Safeguarding Lead or Miss Raynard, Deputy safeguarding Lead.

Below is a list of organisations that can offer help and support. In the meantime you may find the following advice helpful.

  • Encourage your son/daughter to stick to a routine. The structure will help them focus and keep a degree of normality.
  • Encourage daily exercise.  The PE department will be sending out suggestions, there are also lots of online workouts for all different ages. Weather permitting, a walk, run or cycle in the fresh air is really beneficial.  Exercise releases endorphins which boost mood.
  • Agree limits for online gaming, social media etc.  There is no doubt that communicating with friends is really important and online gaming and social media can be excellent ways of maintaining this contact. However, spending unlimited hours on consoles or phones, particularly late at night, is not helpful and can have a detrimental effect on both sleep and mood.  Have clear cut off times and discourage phones in bedrooms at night. Ensure appropriate filters are in place.
  • Remind your son/daughter that they can ask for help with their work.  Teachers would much rather have an email or Teams message asking for help than just not receiving the work at all. We understand that online learning can be difficult and are here to help.

List of agencies that can offer support.

An excellent website with lots of practical advice on Coronavirus, mental health, use of social media.

Essex counselling service for young people

Advice and counselling service for young people

support for under 25s

Age targeted advice for parents and young people about online safety

advice on how to deal with inappropriate online communication

The latest tips, advice and resources to help children and young people have a safe and positive time online.