Nurturing every
child to exceed
their potential

Preparatory School

St John’s Preparatory School is divided into two departments:

Kindergarten – from 2 – 7 years and  Juniors – from 8 – 11 years

Kindergarten Overview

St John’s School Kindergarten is a very happy place to be! Our children are friendly and confident with a love of learning that stands them in good stead for the years ahead. Visitors to Kindergarten often comment on the calm, purposeful atmosphere and delightful children as well as the excellent standard of work being produced.

Our Kindergarten curriculum consists of a combination of topic based and subject based lessons with children being encouraged to progress their understanding of basic skills whilst also developing their investigative and explorative abilities. As our school contains pupils of up to 16 years, we in Kindergarten are fortunate to have access to subject specialist teachers for PE, Drama, Design & Technology, Computing and Music as well as facilities of a high standard.

At St John’s we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with the families of the children in our care. To help with this, we use communication books which are introduced in Pre-Reception and extend this to homework diaries in Lower Kindergarten (Year 1) and Upper Kindergarten (Year 2). As well as setting out the homework set, these continue to facilitate daily communication between home and school.

As in all parts of St John’s School our Kindergarten children can have the opportunity to further enrich their education with extra-curricular clubs such as Dance and Multiskills as well as Individual Music (From Upper Kindergarten-Year 2) and LAMDA lessons (Speech and Elocution)– these are in addition to tuition fees. All children from Reception to Upper Kindergarten (Year 2) go swimming on a weekly basis.

Junior School Overview

During your child’s time in the Junior School at St John’s, they will be encouraged to work independently, become adaptable to a variety of situations and behave appropriately and respectfully of others.

We promote confidence and acceptance throughout the Junior School and have high expectations for children’s presentation, work ethic, homework and behaviour.

We have a wide and varied curriculum which aims to cater to the individual needs of each child, with setting occurring throughout the Junior School in English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning. Class sizes are a maximum of 20 children and, with regular Learning Support Assistant support in core lessons, we are able to treat children’s progress on an individual basis. We also benefit from support from the Learning Enhancement Centre for those children who need extra help in either English or Mathematics.

We also offer guidance and support for those more able children who would like to enter the 11+ examination; offering support both during the school timetable and after school.

Children in the Junior School benefit from specialist teachers and facilities in subjects such as PE/Games, Art, Drama, Music, ICT, French and Design Technology. Please find attached a sample timetable for the Junior School.

During Lower 3 (Year 6), the children spend some of their time with the Seniors in order to ease the transition between Junior and Senior School. They participate in Senior Activities on a Friday afternoon, which include skiing, self-defence, ‘Rock School’ and ‘Walk on the Wild Side’. They also have Senior lunch time on a Friday and are included in many Senior events and assemblies throughout their final year in Junior School. This gives the children the opportunity to experience life as a Senior at St John’s and to make them become more familiar with the setting and expectations of Senior life.

We do not do SATs at St John’s but rather an independent schools exam, equivalent to the SATs but with the added benefit of being able to use levelled exams from Lower Kindergarten (Year 1) right through to Lower 3 (Year 6). This enables us to track children’s progress during their time at St John’s and highlight any areas that need to be addressed. Our results at the end of Lower 3 (Year 6) are above national curriculum average, with many children far exceeding government expectations for children their age (see below):

Lower 3 examination results July 2017:

Percentage of children who met the expected standard for the end of KS2:

Reading Writing Mathematics
100% 91% 100%

Percentage of children who exceeded the expected standard for the end of KS2:

Reading Writing Mathematics
84% 23% 69%

The overall ethos is to use positive motivation and reinforcement at all times, producing children who are proud of their own achievements, feel successful and who are constantly stretched to their own individual potential.

Pre Reception and Kindergarten extended day provision at St John’s School

St John’s School offers the following options;

Term Time
Early Morning Club 8.00am until start of the School day
After School Club End of School day until 4.30pm
Extended Day End of School day until 6.00pm

Breakfast is served to the children who start at 8.00am, a snack is served to the children in the After School Club and Extended Day at 3.30pm and Tea is served to the children in the Extended Day at 5.00pm.