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Learning Enhancement Centre (L.E.C.)

Our Learning Enhancement Centre was opened in September 2013 and is a suite of four rooms purely devoted to one-to-one or small group support. The provision extends itself to all pupils with additional learning needs, including Learning Support, English as a second language and the Gifted and Talented programme, thereby benefitting as many pupils as we can. This enhances our individualised teaching and learning ethos which flows throughout our school, offering pupils a unique experience.

All pupils have the opportunity to learn both French and Spanish in our Modern Foreign Languages department. However, pupils with Learning Support needs have the opportunity to continue with both languages, take one language or spend time in the L.E.C. following an individualised scheme of work based on their reports. A dedicated team, led by Mrs Lines, Head of Learning Support, will be available to provide this support and oversee the programme.

Dyslexia Inspired, run by Sue Faulks (PGDip ADDS + APC), a highly experienced specialist tutor, visit the L.E.C. once a week. They offer individualised, one-to one tuition on our site, which will support your child’s educational psychologist report. They are also able to conduct educational assessments for pupils and assess pupils for examination access arrangements.