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Name  Achievement 
Augustus Lawrence Young Chef Competition
Alice Wood Horse Show Jumping Competition & Dressage
Georgia Stock Dancing Competition and taking part in Musicals – also took part in school shows organised by Mrs Zoller and Mrs Schultz
Gus Lawrence Has won Go-karting competition and competes all over the country.
Michael Vanderhook Belongs to running club (competitions mostly  locally but also some Nationals)
Aston Deva-Nix Up & coming Tennis player winning U8 tournaments
Ryan Carnaby Dance – 4th  in Team World Championships – Blackpool 2012
Charlotte Jardine Blue belt (plus strip) Karate
Teddy Papple 2nd ISA Cross Country
Georgia Hobson County swimmer
Louis Yuill West Ham Football Academy 1st team player. Having trials in Scotland. ISA Athletics Champion & Cross Country Champion.
Ella Yuill Essex Cricket trials. Billericay Young Chef Competition. Freestyle Dancing finals
Gus Lawrence Go Karting. London Cup 2012. 3 Championships. 60 Trophies
Sam Ainsbury Burstead Golf Club – Junior Player 2012


 Name  Achievements
Paige Anderson Yellow Belt 2 Stripes
Isabella Bright White Belt 1 Stripe
Anastasia Carey White Belt 1 Stripe
Qian He Cui (Leo) White Belt 1 Stripe
John Gilheany Yellow Belt 2 Stripes
Rachel Gilheany Yellow Belt  2 Stripes
Samuel Gill White Belt 1 Stripe
Sam Gray Brown Belt
Alex Grytzelius White Belt 3 Stripes
Alex Hawney Yellow belt 2 Stripes
Holly Klein White belt 3 Stripes
Hudson Lobb White belt 1 Stripe
Louise Monaghan Yellow Belt 2 Stripes
Harry Redgrave White belt 1 Stripe
Siyavush Shamsiyev White Belt 1 Stripe
Scarlett Warner White Belt 1 Stripe
Pritika Pushapakaran White Belt 1 Stripe
Freddie Dean White Belt 1 Stripe
Arun Deva-Nix White Belt 1 Stripe