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ISA Cross-Country – February 6th Results


St. John’s School brave the elements!!!

A fantastic effort was made by our St. John’s pupils on Wednesday at the annual ISA Cross-Country event held at Gosfield School. Despite the bad weather and treacherous conditions under foot all pupils gave their best on the day.

Five of our students achieved a top 10 place and four have secured a place in the National Event held on Saturday 2nd March in Rugby.  Congratulations to Johnny Wyndham 6th place (year 5 and 6 boys), Luke Wickham 9th place, Michael Vanderhook 10th place (both year 7 and 8 boys) and Max Bailey 10th place (year 9 and 10 boys).  Teddy Papple also achieved an excellent 2nd place in the year 4 race but unfortunately there is no year 4 race at the Nationals.

Let’s hope that our students can match Louis Yuill’s efforts in the Nationals last year when he ran an outstanding race finishing 3rd in a very competitive field.

A big thank you to Gosfield School and their P.E. department for hosting a very enjoyable and well organised event.

St. John’s School

Student Results for ISA Cross-Country – February 6th 2013

Race 1 – Year 4 Girls Finishing position  – 76 runners Race 2 – Year 4 Boys Finishing position   - 82 runners
Anna Kiralov 20th Teddy Papple 2nd
Georgie Spotswood 37th Matthew James 48th
Millie Driscoll 59th Cameron Barker 63rd
Kitty Hood 57th Aston Deva-Nix 16th
Lillianna Neme 19th Alex Hawney 30th
Paige Anderson 67th Luke Neme 53rd


Race 3 – Year 5-6 Girls Finishing position – 94 runners Race 4 – Year 5-6 Boys Finishing position  - 95 runners
Ella Vanderhook 72nd *Johnny Wyndham 6th *
Emily Sanders 64th Harrison Hall 54th
Mia Donovan 81st Harrison Langridge 56th
Eve Mortland 56th Jamie Kanyasa 63rd
Angelina Neme 59th Edward Monaghan 68th
    Alexander Jackson 82nd


Race 5 – Year 7-8 Girls Finishing position – 46 runners Race 6 – Year 7-8 Boys Finishing position  – 53 runners
Georgia Hobson 33rd *Luke Wickham 9th *
Britani Mursell 34th Christian Lehr 35th
    Oliver Thornton 37th
    Thomas Cole 39th
    *Michael Vanderhook 10th *


Race 7 – Year 9-10 Girls Finishing position  – 40 runners Race 8 – Year 9-10 Boys Finishing position   - 52 runners
Ella Yuill 34th George Wood 35th
Mia Choudhury 38th Adam Cole 31st
Holly Woodhams 35th Michael Wenman 15th
Lucie Chapman 20th Sam Grey 34th
    *Max Bailey 10th*
    Luke Pheby 43rd


Race 9 – Year 11-13 Girls Finishing position                  – 14 runners
 Alice Close Injured


* Placed for Nationals (date to be confirmed) *