A wide range
of activities to
stretch body
and mind

Duke of Edinburgh Award



We are pleased to offer our pupils the chance to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme at St John’s School.  The Duke of Edinburgh award is designed to encourage anyone aged 14 to 24 to take on a range of activities that develop skills such as leadership, perseverance, team work and communication.   There are three different levels—Bronze, Silver and Gold and four sections including volunteering , skills, physical and expedition.

Many of our pupils take part and have already gained so much from the many experiences and opportunities that the award provides.  In the last year our pupils have  attended the Danbury Outdoor Centre and Skreens Park, Roxwell. They had to walk in groups for a minimum of 6 hours on both days, carrying a full back pack. Over 25 pupils have completed their Bronze Award this year and several have begun their Silver Award.  Last year 3 pupils achieve their Gold award, an amazing achievement, which will be presented to them at Buckingham Palace.

For further details please speak to Mrs Spooner who co-ordinates the scheme at St John’s School.