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    In the first year of Kindergarten (Pre Reception) children can be admitted in the term after they turn two years old, and can spend up to two years in Pre Reception.  Progression into Reception is in the September of the academic year in which they are five years old.  All parents of children on the waiting list are invited to accompany their child to attend an interview with the Headteacher during the Spring Term before they are due to join, when selection is made.

    Entry into the Junior Department of the Preparatory School is by interview with the Headteacher, together with the pupil spending an assessment day in School, when selection is made.

    All children on the waiting list for Senior School entry are invited for an assessment/taster day during the Spring Term before they are due to join, together with an interview with the Headteacher. Selection is then made.

    Children graduating from the Preparatory to the Senior School are not required to be interviewed, and can select to sit the internal Senior School Scholarship Examination held in the Spring Term.

    Entry for all age groups is possible throughout the year if there are places available and subject to the above criteria being met.

    Preparatory School Kindergarten for ages 2 – 7 years
    Pre Reception - children can join after their second Birthday
    Lower Kindergarten (LK) - Year 1
    Upper Kindergarten (UK) - Year 2
    Juniors for ages 8 – 11 years
    Form 1 – Year 3
    Lower 2 – Year 4
    Upper 2 – Year 5
    Lower 3 – Year 6
    Senior School Seniors for ages 11 – 16 years
    Upper 3 – Year 7
    Lower 4 – Year 8
    Upper 4 – Year 9
    Lower 5 – Year 10
    Upper 5 – Year 11