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    Senior School Entry for September 2019

    Our main Senior School Entrance Assessment will take place on Thursday 24th January 2019, if you would like your child to sit the assessment please contact Mrs Cox, Registrar, on 01277 623070 or email

    Pre Reception and Kindergarten School Entry for September 2019
    Children can start in St. John’s Pre-Reception class the term after they turn 2.  Kindergarten consists of our Reception classes, Lower Kindergarten is Year 1 and Upper Kindergarten is Year 2.

    Pre-Reception and Reception interviews for September 2019 entry will take place during February 2019.  Please contact Mrs Cox, Registrar, on 01277 623070 or e-mail for further details.

    Mid Year Entries
    If you are interested in moving your child from their current school during the middle of an academic year please contact Mrs Cox, Registrar, to find out if there is a place available.